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Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm EST
to the tack rates we had under bill clinton when we had the greatest prosperity, we had 23 million new jobs, and we balanced the budget to the point where we even had a surplus. and my friend comes down here and he's complaining that the proposal on the table would give 98% of the people a tax cut, and he's upset that 2% of the people might have to go back to the rates under bill clinton. well, i just want to say something. we just had an election. we had a big election. we had a tough election. we had an expensive election. and one of the major parts of that election revolved around what do we do about the deficits, what do we do about economic growth, what do we do about spending, and we discussed it in the senate races, we discussed it in the house races, and of course president obama and candidate governor romney discussed it again and again. my friend talks about a consensus. let me tell you the consensus. more than 60% of the people agree with president obama and the democrats that we ought to climb down off this fiscal cliff in the next five minutes and pass what the senate passed, w
Dec 5, 2012 9:00am EST
surpluses that bill clinton left us, but because george w. bush went in front of the microphone and said, "i have political capital and i'm going to cut everybody's taxes," he then put two wars on the credit card and that was the end of the surpluses. we went into deficits, deficits as far as the eye could see. deeper and deeper in debt. so you might ask, then, "senator boxer, why are you now supporting those tax cuts being renewed for 98% of the people?" and the answer is, it's a different time and a different place. we're getting out of a recession and we can make up the moneys we need to balance this budget by going just to the top rate, going to the people over $250,000. remember, this plan that we passed in july -- if we could go back to that chart -- that gives a tax break on the first $250,000 of income. and, in essence, giving everybody a tax break on that first $250,000. it's only after that that the taxes go back to clinton era. and because this is a different time and place, i support giving a tax break, continuing it for 98%, but asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share for
Nov 30, 2012 5:00pm EST
challenges how does you should should do the downfall of church htb associates bill clinton did based on the estimation of myself and some of my colleagues and many people have thought about this a great deal. these are consequential events in the media is a critical role in how we focus on what reticular hinge in the history was cute deal. that was sacrificed the president aid. now you have to judge for yourselves whether or not the function of the media with analysis is ultimately deleterious to the process, ultimately a dynamic rss insert the understand why public officials like to get out of the press and the view of the camera and microphone occasionally to negotiate. but in the end, whatever they negotiate has to be made public and that's really when it hits the fan and would people react and ultimately democracy have to get everybody formed at least as many people willing to be informed so they can take their part in the process as it goes forward. >> i told my editor yesterday i would be out in the morning to do this and i described it as discussion from the time of the lesson
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3